Cebek Day/Night Dimmer for LED Tape R-41

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R-41 12V 4A LED Dimmer

Cebek R-41 module is a night to day and day to night dimmer for LED tape. There are four different time settings you can select: 1 - 60 sec / 1 - 30 min / 30 - 60 min or 1 - 2 hours. The time scale you require is achieved by a PCB mounted potentiometer and DIL switches. It has a rest function and the effect is activated by a change over switch. When used in conjunction with E305DIN1, it allows an automatic switching between the day and the night, functions. When you turn the power on or change the switch position from Day/Night or Night/Day the circuit initiates the sequence effect. In day mode, the output starts off to progressively increase until the maximum brightness level. In night mode, the output begins to decrease progressively until the LED tape is off. In both modes, after the ramp increases or decreases, the output will remain fixed in that state. The reset switch allows ypu to restart the cycle again. This module will not control inductive loads or LED lamps. The Cebek R-41 dimmer module is suitable for use in a child's bedrooms or aviaries.
Reference R-41
Function Automatic Up / Down LED Dimmer
Maximum Load 4A
DIN Enclosure 400-367  C-7567
Power Supply 12VDC
Dimensions 72 x 87.5 x 30mm
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